RISO SF Series – SPEED FORWARD to Better Performance

RISO offers outstanding productivity through high speed and low cost.

Employed in over 180 countries and regions, RISO has been successfully meeting all user needs by constantly listening to the feedback from our customers in order to continually improve our products. The SF series is an important milestone and a masterpiece of our ceaseless innovation. With the fastest speed in its class plus the superior operability and print quality, the SF series ushers you into a higher dimension of printing.

High Speed Printing @ 150 ppm

1000 pages can be printed in less than 8 minutes. This surprisingly high speed will efficiently support your high volume print requirements.

Riso SF 9350 - High Speed Printing at 150ppm

Overwhelmingly Economical Print Costs

The SF series makes prints from a master. As a result, the more pages generated from each master the lower the cost per print, making it highly economical for medium- to high-volume printing.

Print Cost

Enhanced Features for Clearer Output

The newly designed scanner attains smooth tonal gradation even with photo images.
• Reduced blown-out highlights via equalized dot description
Improved image-processing function decreases image deterioration through improved image processing, delivering clearer output.
• Minimizes blocked-up shadows through enhanced gamma correction
• Sharp outlines with contour enhancement achieved

Enhanced features for clearer output

Heavy Duty Paper Feed Tray

The paper trays have a capacity of 1000 sheets* for both feeding and receiving, which ensures uninterrupted printing over a longer period.
*When using the following weight of paper: 64 gsmto 80 gsm

Heavy-load paper feeding

Numerous Input Options

The SF series offers various ways of printing, depending on your specific requirements.
• Standard equipment of PC-I/F
• Direct printing from a USB flash drive & thru Scanning the documents

Various printing approaches

Various Color Options

21 standard colors plus 50 custom colors are available. A wide range of printing colors can meet the needs of a variety of print jobs.

Ink color variations

Ease of Operation

Redesigned control panel
New, easy-to-use control panel provides intuitive operation.

Easy-to-use LCD panel
The information on the 128 × 64 dot LCD panel can be easily viewed, and it also shows the residual capacity of supplies to prevent an out-of-stock situation occurring.


Caring for the Environment

The SF series consumes 1/10th the energy, compared with energy star guidelines.
• ENERGY STAR ® qualified and RoHS certified
• Complies with the ErP directive in Europe

Rice bran oil ink
The rice bran oil ink contributes to environment sustainability. Rice bran, which would be otherwise wasted, is a raw material with no VOCs, so after the oil is extracted for the ink. It can subsequently be used as fertilizer or animal feed.

Optional Accessories

Riso SF Optional Accessories


Master Making/Printing Methods High-speed digital master-making/Fully automatic printing
Original Type Book or sheet
Master Making Time*1 Quick Master  – Approx. 14 seconds (A4, long-edge feed)
Making mode – Approx. 18 seconds (A4, short-edge feed)
Normal master  – Approx. 16 seconds (A4, long-edge feed)
making mode – Approx. 20 seconds (A4, short-edge feed)
Resolution Scanning 600 dpi × 600 dpi
Printing 600 dpi × 600 dpi, Quick Master Making mode: 600 dpi × 400 dpi
Maximum Scanning Area 297 mm × 432 m
Print Paper Weight 46 gsm to 210 gsm
Print Paper Size*2 100 mm × 148 mm to 310 mm × 432 mm
Maximum Printing Area 291 mm × 413 mm
Paper Feed Tray Stacking Capacity 1000 sheets*3, stacking height of 110 mm or lower
Paper Receiving Tray Stacking Capacity 1000 sheets*3, stacking height of 110 mm or lower
Print Speed 6 levels: 60, 80, 100, 120, 130, and 150 ppm*4
Print Position Adjustment Horizontal: ±15 mm, Vertical: ±10 mm
Image Processing Mode Line, Photo (Standard/Portrait), Duo (Standard/Line/Photo), Pencil
Print Reproduction Ratio Zoom (50% to 200%), Free, 100% reduction ratio, Margin+ (90% to 99 %), 4 levels of enlargement (163%, 141%, 122%, 116%), 4 levels of reduction (87%, 82%, 71%, 61%)
User Interface Color touch panel
Functions Image, Contrast, Size, Paper Size Detection, Dot Process, Contrast Adj., Tone Curve, Multi-up Print, Book Shadow, Top Margin Adj., Binding Margin Adj., Max. Scan, Ink Saving, Quick Master Making, Preview, ADF-Semi-Auto*5, Storage, Overlay, Print Speed Adj., Print Density Adj., Print Position Adj., Interval, Renew Page, Auto Page Renewal, Rotate, Special Paper Ctrl, Program, Job Separation*5, Job Memory, Reservation, Editor, Idling Action, Confidential, My Direct Access, Meter Display, ID Counter Report, Proof Copy, Direct Printing, USB Job List, Scanning mode, Admin., Auto Sleep, Auto Power-OFF, Power-OFF Schedule, ECO mode, Protect, RISO iQuality System
Ink Supply Full automatic (1000 ml/cartridge)
Master Supply/Disposal Full automatic (A3: approx. 220 sheets per roll)/Disposal capacity: approx. 100 sheets
Power Source AC 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz <3.4-1.6 A>
Power Consumption Standard Max.: 300 W, Ready: 20 W or lower, Sleep: 5 W or lower, Power-OFF: 0.5 W or lower
Optional Accessories Max.: 315 W, Ready: 30 W or lower, Sleep: 10 W or lower, Power-OFF: 0.5 W or lower
Dimensions (W×D×H) In use 1415 mm × 670 mm*7 × 1065 mm*8
In storage 780 mm × 670 mm*7 × 1065 mm*8
Required Space (W×D×H) 1415 mm × 1240 mm × 1515 mm*8
Weight 102 kg*9
Safety Information IEC-60950-1 compliant, indoor, pollution degree 2*10, at altitudes of 2000 m or lower

Note: The specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

*1 Measurement value when set to 100% reproduction ratio.

*2 When the optional Wide Stacking Tray is installed, you can use paper up to a size of 310 mm × 555 mm by setting [Custom Paper Entry].

*3 When using the following weight of paper: 64 gsm to 80 gsm

*4 If the temperature of the inside of the print drum (cylinder) is less than 15°C, [150 ppm] is not usable.

*5 Optional accessories required.

*6 When all the following optional accessories are installed, Auto Document Feeder, Job Separator, Key/Card Counter.

*7 The depth does not include the stabilizers for the stand.

*8 The height includes the stand.

*9 The weight does not include the ink, master roll, and stand.

*10 The pollution degree of the usage environment due to dirt and dust in the air. Degree “2” corresponds to a general indoor environment.