Riso ComColor GL is the fastest printing solution in the industry in its category, 165 ppm. Its high productivity combined with its great versatility, reliability and quality make the GL Series a high-performance device for quick response to high-volume on-demand print jobs at the most competitive color printing cost on the market.

Key Features

Print Speed
Print Area
Paper Capacity
Duplex Scan

Designed for Speed, Stability and High-volume Production Print Jobs

The FORCEJET Advantage

RISO’s high-speed inkjet technology, FORCEJET, consists of wide, color, in-line inkjet print heads arranged in parallel for single-pass printing of black, cyan, magenta, yellow and gray on A3/Ledger short-edge feed paper. Fast printing functionality combined with a rapid and stable paper supply results in an amazingly fast print speed of 165 pages per minute for A4 longedge feed in simplex.

The FORCEJET Advantage

Stabilized Paper Feed

A straight-path feeding system feeds paper horizontally to enable high-speed printing with minimal print offset. FORCEJET technology ensures optimal paper feed speed that is matched to the amount of ink being sprayed from the ink heads.

Stabilized Paper Feed

High-speed Printing Ink

Special quick-drying, oil-based pigment ink developed exclusively for the ComColor GL9730 prevents reverse-side staining of printed paper as well as cockling, to allow for unprecedented high-speed duplex inkjet printing. The ink is also resistant to degradation from light and water.

High-speed Printing Ink

Amazingly Fast Speeds at 165 ppm

Higher Productivity, Higher Quality Regardless of the number and types of images or volume of text, full-color images remain true to the original. For text-intensive documents, words remain crisp and easy to read.

Super High-speed Printing Single-pass full-color printing of up to 165 A4 long-edge feed color pages per minute with fast-drying oil-based pigment ink is possible through a unique print engine configured with static inline inkjet heads arranged in parallel. Transactional prints, trans promotional materials, invoices, and other routine business documents are also fast.
Controlled Quality Output High-precision paper-feed control enables printing at the same speed for both simplex and duplex documents to boost productivity. The responsive first print time of only five seconds means less waiting for high-volume print jobs.

Faster Scanning and Copying (Optional) A one-pass duplex scanner improves scanning or copying, boasting a simplex/duplex scanning speed of 100 pages per minute and copying speed of 70 pages per minute. User name is automatically added to the document name, and each page of scanned data can be saved as individual PDFs. Features like ZIP compression and saving in PDF/A format are also available.

Built-in Quality and Flexibility

Built-in Quality and Flexibility and Enhanced Color Reproduction Features

Taking Quality to a Higher Level
The ComColor GL9730 is engineered with features that ensure stable output quality for consistent printing results at high speed, including a Piezo system that regulates ink amount. Black image quality has been improved by installing a newly-developed print head and black ink. Additional inks enrich the look of images and enhance overall color quality.

This unique RISO technology and approach to the printing process brings the added benefits of a low total cost of ownership when compared with toner technology, and greater control over cost management. It also enables practical migration away from simply highlight color or mono production to a cut sheet white paper solution. This provides genuine added value, as it eliminates the need to hold large volumes of pre-printed stock and opens up possibilities for a leap forward in color printing.

Consistent Output Quality
The ComColor GL series offers higher image quality and consistent printing results through RISO inkjet technology that features a Piezo system, which ensures stable output by controlling and regulating the amount of ink deposited on the paper.

Best Black Density
A newly-developed 600 dpi print head for black with special black ink supported by gray as a fifth ink delivers top quality, 10% higher black density than ever. 

Enriched Color Images
Newly-developed magenta ink significantly improves full-color image quality by expanding the color gamut.



Print Type  Line-type inkjet system
Ink Type  Oil-based pigment ink (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Gray)
Print Resolution  Standard/High Chromogenic Black: 600 dpi (main scanning direction) × 600 dpi (sub-scanning direction)Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Gray: 300 dpi (main scanning direction) × 300 dpi (sub-scanning direction)Fine Black: 600 dpi (main scanning direction) × 600 dpi (sub-scanning direction)Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Gray: 300 dpi (main scanning direction) × 600 dpi (sub-scanning direction)
Number of Gray Levels  Black: 4 gray levelsCyan, Magenta, Yellow, Gray: 12 gray levels
Data Processing Resolution  Standard/High Chromogenic Black: 600 dpi × 600 dpiCyan, Magenta, Yellow, Gray: 300 dpi × 300 dpiFine Black: 600 dpi × 600 dpiCyan, Magenta, Yellow, Gray: 300 dpi × 600 dpi
Warm-up Time  2 min. 30 sec. or less (at room temperature of 23 ºC (73.4 ºF))
First Print Time *1  5 sec. or less (A4 long-edge feed)
First Copy Time *1  7 sec. or less (A4 long-edge feed)
Continuous Print Speed *2*3  A4 long-edge feed  Simplex: 165 ppm Duplex: 82 sheets/minute (164 ppm) 
Letter long-edge feed  Simplex: 160 ppm Duplex: 80 sheets/minute (160 ppm) 
A4 short-edge feed  Simplex: 120 ppm Duplex: 60 sheets/minute (120 ppm) 
Letter short-edge feed  Simplex: 120 ppm Duplex: 60 sheets/minute (120 ppm) 
B4 (JIS) short-edge feed  Simplex: 102 ppm Duplex: 44 sheets/minute (88 ppm) 
Legal short-edge feed  Simplex: 104 ppm Duplex: 44 sheets/minute (88 ppm) 
A3 short-edge feed  Simplex: 88 ppm Duplex: 42 sheets/minute (84 ppm) 
Ledger short-edge feed  Simplex: 86 ppm Duplex: 42 sheets/minute (84 ppm) 
Paper Size  Standard Tray  Maximum: 340 mm × 550 mm (13 3/8″ × 21 5/8″) Minimum: 90 mm × 148 mm (3 9/16″ × 5 27/32″)
Feed Tray  Maximum: 297 mm × 432 mm (11 11/16″ × 17″) Minimum: 182 mm × 182 mm (7 3/16″ × 7 3/16″)
Printable Area  314 mm × 548 mm (12 3/8″ × 21 19/32″)
Guaranteed Print Area *4  Standard: Margin width of 3 mm (1/8″) Maximum: Margin width of 1 mm (3/64″)
Paper Weight  Standard Tray  46 gsm to 210 gsm (12-lb bond to 56-lb bond)
Feed Tray  52 gsm to 104 gsm (14-lb bond to 28-lb bond)
Paper Tray Capacity  Standard Tray  Height up to 110 mm (4 5/16″)
Feed Tray  Height up to 56 mm (2 3/16″) (×3 trays)
Output Tray Capacity  Height up to 60 mm (2 3/8″)
PDL (Page Description Language)  RISORINC/C IV
Supported Protocols  TCP/IP, HTTP, HTTPs (TLS), DHCP, ftp, lpr, IPP, SNMP, Port9100 (RAW port), IPv4, IPv6, IPSec
Network Interface  Ethernet 1000BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 10BASE-T (2ch)
Memory Capacity  4 GB
SSD (Solid State Drive) *5  Capacity  512 GB
Available Space  Approx. 370 GB
Operating System  Linux®
Power Source  AC 100 V – 240 V, 12.0 A – 6.0 A, 50 Hz – 60 Hz
Power Consumption  Max. 1,200 W
Ready *6: 110 W or less Sleep *7: 2 W or less Stand-by: 0.4 W or less In printing: 490W or less
Operating Noise  Max. 66 dB (A) A4 long-edge feed (Simplex) at the maximum print speed
A-weighted Sound Power Level  Max. 79 dB (A) A4 long-edge feed (Simplex) at the maximum print speed
Operating Environment  Temperature: 15 ºC to 30 ºC (59 ºF to 86 ºF) Humidity: 40% to 70% RH (non-condensing)
Dimensions (W × D × H)  In use: 1,220 mm × 725 mm × 1,160 mm (48 1/32″ × 28 17/32″ × 45 21/32″)With cover and tray closed: 1,160 mm × 705 mm × 1,015 mm (45 21/32″ × 27 3/4″ × 39 15/16″)
Required Space (W × D × H) *8  1,220 mm × 1,240 mm × 1,160 mm (48 1/32″ × 48 13/16″ × 45 21/32″)
Weight  Approx. 177 kg (390 lb)

*1 Within 10 minutes after the last print job
*2 When using plain paper and recycled paper (85 gsm (23-lb bond)), and standard density setting. Chart used: Print measurement pattern [Color measurement sample 2 (JEITA standard pattern J6)]
*3 The continuous print speed varies depending on the type of optional output equipment connected.
*4 The margin when printing envelopes is 10 mm (3/8″).The guaranteed area when printing images is the area enclosed within 3 mm (1/8″) of the edges of the paper
*5 One gigabyte (GB) is calculated as 230 bytes.
*6 Without printing and temperature adjustment operation.
*7 When setting [Power Consumption (in Sleep)] to [Low]
*8 With the front cover open and the operation panel in the upright position

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