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Features Advanced support for all your office printing needs
Multi-up Printing
Combine multiple copies of the same page, or copies of multiple pages onto a single printed page to save paper or combine bulky documents into an easy-to-read format.
Collate / Slip Sheet
The collate function groups output in one of two ways. Sort prints your required number of copies in page order, while Group prints the required number of copies for each page. A slip sheet can be automatically inserted between each set.
Add Cover
This allows you to load preprinted or colored sheets for automatic insertion into your output document as a front or back cover.
Gamma Control / Screening
Gamma control allows you to adjust contrast and color density of images that are ill-defined, too dark or too light. You also have fine individual adjustment for each color. Two screening methods let you choose the best half-tone processing for your image (full color or black and white) to assure you of beautiful results.
Line Smoothing
Sometimes, particularly with large fonts or illustrations, line edges become jagged. The line smoothing process helps reduce or eliminate unsightly jagged edges.
Add a watermark such as "Confidential", "Important", or "Circulation" to your document. You can freely specify the size, color and position of your watermark.

Access control
User control
Bundled RISO software lets the network administrator monitor and control printer usage. Information such as the number of copies printed, paper type, optional processing, job comments and more can be viewed from the administrator’s computer and saved to a CSV file for later analysis. This allows efficient management of operations and assures correct inter-departmental printer usage.

PIN Code
Confidential documents need to be kept away from prying eyes - even when they are being printed. PIN code security lets you do this. Simply specify a PIN code of up to eight digits when sending the job to the printer. Then enter the PIN code on the control panel to immediately print your job - even if other jobs are already queued in the printer's memory - while you wait and make sure no unauthorized personnel see your confidential document.
Save to Folder / PIN Code for Security
The save to folder function allows you to save data in the printer - either from your PC or from the scanner - for printing or reprinting later. Your saved data can be output in four ways: sent to a PC via a web browser; sent to a shared folder on a server PC to give groups access to the data (access for groups can be restricted to their individual shared folder keeping data safely away from those who are not authorized to view or print it); sent to a USB flash drive; and sent to a PC via e-mail. If the data is a confidential document, naturally you want to keep it away from prying eyes. The PIN code function allows you to lock scanned data saved on the internal hard disk, assuring it is only available to those with the correct PIN code.


Cost-Saving Features
Auto Color Mode
Designed for documents with a mixture of color and black-and-white pages, the auto color mode senses the presence or absence of color and controls ink usage to reduce ink consumption and save costs.
Blank Page Cut Down
This automatically skips blank pages in your document to save both time and paper, and further lower running costs.
Power Save Setting
To cut down on electricity costs, the touch panel switches off after a user-specified period of time. A single touch on the screen brings it back to life. The printer also enters sleep mode after a user-specified period, minimizing energy consumption while keeping the printer ready for virtually instant operation.