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Copy&Scan Powerful, high-speed scanner unit adds even more functionality
High-Speed 40ppm Color Scanner
Scanner HS4000
Add the optional color scanner unit and your printer offers all the ease and convenience of a conventional color copier, but with much greater speed. With its high 40 ppm speed*1, 100 sheet capacity*2 and automatic single/double-sided scanning capabilities, the scanner unit not only gets the job done quickly and conveniently, it also allows you to both copy preprinted materials or incorporate them into documents you prepare on your computer.

*1 A4, long-edge feed, simplex
*2 Paper smaller than B4
Select Layout
Choose from a selection of preset layouts/finishing options displayed on screen. One-touch access to your most frequently-used layouts makes operation even faster and more convenient.
Additional Copies
The last job scanned is retained in memory, allowing you to run off additional copies if necessary. For security purposes, this function can be defeated.
Stamp Page / Date
As with conventional word processor documents you can add header/footer information such as page number and date.
ADF Scan & Pause
If you have an original with more pages than the auto feeder’s capacity (100 sheets), you can use the scan and pause function to feed your document section by section up to the maximum of 1,000 simplex or 500 duplex sheets.
Book Shadow Erase
When scanning books or magazines, there is often a shadow at the center fold. This useful function automatically erases this for clear results.
Mixed Size Originals
Sometimes you wish to scan and combine various originals into a single document, but the original documents may not all be the same size. The mixed size originals function overcomes this problem, automatically*.

*Available on ComColor 9050 / 7050 / 7010
Base Color Level Control
This handy function allows you to reduce or erase the base color of originals on colored paper as you scan.